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6. Visit a Friend

A few months ago I signed up for a Chase Continental Airlines Mastercard and was given 25,000 bonus miles, enough for a free round trip domestic flight. When I looked up possible flight itineraries I was limited on what days I could leave and return because some fares cost more miles than others based on time of year, day of week etc., but I found a flight that worked for me and was able to successfully visit a friend out in Seattle completely using airline miles for signing up for the new credit card. In total it cost me $85 due to a $75 processing fee and a $10 airline fee, which beats the original $450 that the flight would have cost me.

It wouldn’t be smart credit wise, to start signing up for a bunch of random credit cards but if you’re on the market for a new one, look for one that offers a free rewards program. If they say they offer enough points or miles for a free flight, check it out first and make sure there aren’t so many restrictions that it makes it nearly impossible for a real live human to actually be able to utilize the offer.  Then go visit that friend you’ve been meaning to see for so long you can’t remember a time before you weren’t promising to make a trip out.

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